On these pages Im showing some of my sterling silver items, currently mainly rings. They are most part made by a technique called cire perdu, which is french for lost wax, which is a technique for one-shot moulds for casting silver. Others are ordinary smithing, hammer and soldering pieces. In case you are interrested in any of them, contact me. My email is given below, and where the at sign need to be inserted. Have a try clicking on the picture to see more. Hope you like. AND in case you have som shape you would like to see in silver, lika a self portrait, I will make one for you.

Om mina websidor

På dehär sidorna visar jag lite silversaker. Skulle du vilja ha något, känna på i verkligheten, eller bara veta mera, finns jag i Uppsala, maila eller ring. Klicka på bilderna, det går och klicka på mycket. Om du har något du skulle vilja ha gjutet eller t.o.m avgjutet i silver så kan vi titta på om jag kan göra det åt dig.

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